mrrama / node-bunyan-prettystream

Build Branch Coverage Commit Committer Type Time Via
#7 master 78.06% updated version Amar Suhail push travis-ci
#6 master 78.06% Merge pull request #1 from diversario/master Handle undefined values. 7ce12b74a97773645715221e66b63c41?size=18&default=identiconmrrama push travis-ci
#5 master 78.06% Handle undefined values Convert undefined values into empty strings. Fixes TypeError: Cannot call method 'indexOf' of undefined at bunyan-prettystream/lib/prettystream.js:320:19 error. 0dfd2146f568be1016d5548e0b69222c?size=18&default=identicondiversario Pull #1 travis-ci
#4 master 77.44% incremented version Amar Suhail push travis-ci
#3 master 78.72% Updated build and readme file Suhail, Amar push travis-ci

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