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Looking for actual Coveralls?


Code Coverage History and Stats

Coveralls works with your continuous integration server to give you test coverage history and statistics. Free for open source, pro accounts for private repos, instant sign up with GitHub OAuth.

These organizations joined the fight

Shouldn't you?

Open-source repos leading the way

Revolutionaries for the code coverage awareness movement

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Badge Jekyll Badge Fog Badge GitLab
Badge Resque Badge Omniauth Badge HAML
Badge Spree Badge Sidekiq Badge Guard
Badge Cucumber Badge Rails Admin Badge Active Admin


Badge jQuery Mobile Badge jQuery QUnit Badge Lodash
Badge Backbone Boilerplate Badge Semantic UI Badge Passport
Badge Gulp Badge Bespoke Badge Pixi


Badge Facebook Tornado Badge Sentry Badge Httpie
Badge Celery Badge Scrapy Badge Pelican
Badge Mozilla Funfactory Badge Django CMS Badge Django Compressor

PHP / Objective C / Scala / Go

Badge Zend Framework Badge Yii Badge CocoaPods
Badge DTCoreText Badge Go-V8 Badge Twitter Scalding

What does Coveralls do?

Repository coverage stats

File coverage reports

Line-by-line coverage

Repository overview

Coverage updates

GitHub integration

Would you like to know more?

Check out the Features

What are we fighting for?

Eliminate technical debt!

Let your CI Server do the work

Maintaining a well-tested codebase is mission-critical.

Figuring out where your tests are lacking can be painful. You're already running your tests on a continuous integration server, so shouldn't it be doing the heavy lifting?

Coveralls works with your CI server and sifts through your coverage data to find issues you didn't even know you had before they become a problem.

Discover Trends

Data, data, data.

If you're just running your code coverage locally, you won't be able to see changes and trends that occur during your entire development cycle.

Coveralls lets you inspect every detail of your coverage with unlimited history.

Show off your coverage

Share your sweet suite with the world.

Display your coverage percentage like a badge of honor with our — well — Badges of Honor. Encourage others to join the movement for code coverage!

Stomp out bugs!

Always be covering.

Do you know what your code coverage is?

There might be an entire area of your application that is an apocalyptic hellstorm of bugs just waiting to attack your customers. And their families.

Coveralls takes the pain out of tracking your code coverage.

Know where you stand with your untested code. Develop with confidence that your code is covered.

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The people have spoken

Here's a smattering of the latest open-source updates on Coveralls