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#338 develop 76.44% Merge pull request #749 from jstart/develop background:rgb(106,115,123) Issue & Broken Unit Test B51a02c82fcdf9f847163895eebe0264?size=18&default=identiconCocoanetics push travis-ci
#337 develop 76.44% Remove NSLog from testing C3b9a15ccd23da3d3479ee92bf6a8578?size=18&default=identiconjstart Pull #749 travis-ci
#336 develop 76.43% Fixed RGB issue for background css attribute. Fix tests for textBackgroundColor and adding test for testBackgroundRGB. C3b9a15ccd23da3d3479ee92bf6a8578?size=18&default=identiconjstart Pull #749 travis-ci
#335 develop 76.4% Introduce DTDefaultFontName to specify font name next to DTDefaultFontFamily 1750a79bc99c9cf53ceeda156f8e4d96?size=18&default=identiconkrzak Pull #744 travis-ci
#334 develop 76.41% Merge branch 'od/issue_742' into develop B51a02c82fcdf9f847163895eebe0264?size=18&default=identiconCocoanetics push travis-ci
#333 od/issue_742 76.41% Added new direct set test for UIFont and NSFont B51a02c82fcdf9f847163895eebe0264?size=18&default=identiconCocoanetics push travis-ci
#327 develop Merge branch 'od/issue_741' into develop Oliver Drobnik push travis-ci
#326 develop 76.42% Merge branch 'release-1.6.11' Oliver Drobnik push travis-ci
#325 master 76.42% Merge branch 'release-1.6.11' Oliver Drobnik push travis-ci
#325 1.6.11 76.42% Merge branch 'release-1.6.11' Oliver Drobnik push travis-ci

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