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#3102 releases/0.7 75.88% Extend validation of line quantities submitted in order dashboard Motivated by #988, this change adds extra validation for when quantities are submitted on the dashboard page. Without this, negative and too-high values can be submitted without ge... 52d39c7b27386ca98bc016119d95b8b8?size=18&default=identiconcodeinthehole push travis-ci
#3101 master 75.91% Add extra template blocks to dashboard order templates This also fixes some html errors (missing closing tag). Note that this is untested, sorry :-) 88bf9e4f7744048488a00644ff41924b?size=18&default=identiconmvantellingen Pull #1307 travis-ci
#3100 releases/0.7 75.96% Docs spruce up 52d39c7b27386ca98bc016119d95b8b8?size=18&default=identiconcodeinthehole push travis-ci
#3099 releases/0.7 75.96% Use version range for phonenumbers dependency As requested in #1306 52d39c7b27386ca98bc016119d95b8b8?size=18&default=identiconcodeinthehole push travis-ci
#3098 master 75.87% Added a Warning about installing Oscar on Windows Several of Oscar dependencies don't support Windows, some of them don't work at all. Added a warning that indicates installing Oscar on Windows is a tricky process. 8026e876f3320b9bceca5dc0c828d142?size=18&default=identiconmmardini Pull #1304 travis-ci
#3097 mh/getclassapp 75.87% Port some more! 9a313a0126d7f38f6e5bf0a337e9fbf4?size=18&default=identiconmaikhoepfel push travis-ci
#3096 master 75.91% Update trove classifiers to be explicit about Python 2 and 3 support 9a313a0126d7f38f6e5bf0a337e9fbf4?size=18&default=identiconmaikhoepfel push travis-ci
#3095 releases/0.7 75.96% Update trove classifiers to be explicit about Python support Be clear that we only support Python 2. 9a313a0126d7f38f6e5bf0a337e9fbf4?size=18&default=identiconmaikhoepfel push travis-ci
#3094 master 75.91% Backport import_string from Django This allows importing a class or attribute by the reasonably common string notation, which is useful for e.g. settings. When using settings, we should prefer absolute imports over using get_class, because that l... 9a313a0126d7f38f6e5bf0a337e9fbf4?size=18&default=identiconmaikhoepfel push travis-ci
#3093 master 75.99% Python 3 fixes for NullCharField The metaclass definition did not work with Python 3, to_python wasn't called. Documented in: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/howto/custom-model-fields/#django.db.models.django.db.models.SubfieldBase Also cl... 9a313a0126d7f38f6e5bf0a337e9fbf4?size=18&default=identiconmaikhoepfel push travis-ci

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